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Top Tech AC Coil Cleaning

Keeping your air condition well maintained enhances the efficiency and life of the unit. The most significant areas to clean in your air conditioner are the condenser and evaporator coil. You must have an HVAC professional do preventative maintenance on the air conditioner coils in your home at least once or twice a year.

Air conditioner coils are normally made of aluminum fins and copper tubes. AC units have two coils – evaporator coil and condenser coil. As this cycle goes on, the air is constantly moving in these AC coils, exposing them to contaminants like pollen, dirt, dust as well as moisture. The contaminants start to grip to the AC coil, making it messy and dirty and lowering the efficiency of the heat interactions.

Once the coils become contaminated in this way, they need to work harder taking in lots of energy to accomplish the needed heat transfer. An AC system that has dirty coils can utilize 30 up to 37 percent energy than a unit that has clean coils. The capability of the unit to cool at once could be lessened by 30 percent, leading to inability to properly cool your room.

AC Coil Cleaning Maintenance

Messy and dirty coils force the whole system to work harder. Meaning, without appropriate preventative maintenance including regular coil cleaning, coils could deteriorate and result in costly coil replacement. This also results in the breakdown of other parts.

The AC coil cleaning involves compressing air blown at low pressure in the copper coils or aluminum fins to get rid of dirt. AC Coil cleaning must be performed by a skilled expert at least annually. Keeping the AC coils clean will help your air condition cool better, utilize more energy more effectively and it will surely last for longer time.

AC maintenance is extremely essential, particularly in places that suffer hot summers. The best way to keep your AC clean is through calling us to do all of your AC maintenance needs.

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