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Looking For A New AC Installation?

Everyone owns an air conditioner in their household. However, when its time to replace it or a home doesn’t come with one, very few people have the knowledge to install them or fix them properly.

This is the reason why hiring HVAC experts for a proper AC installation is the right way to go. An AC keeps our home comfortable during the summer season and all year long in Florida. When it is not set up properly, it can cost you twice to get it reinstalled.

When you are relocating into a new home, and you need to set up your AC, don’t hesitate to call our AC Specialist. We are a certified HVAC agency that has experience performing AC installation for many years.

We follow these guidelines when we perform an AC Installation

If you are renovating your house or commercial unit, it is smart to take our professional advice before installing an AC unit to avoid issues. You might need to alter the layout, the use of space or even utilize a diverse material for construction and we are happy to do that for you.

If you just reinstall the old AC unit or get exactly the same model without shopping around for more choices, you might be missing out on many improved and advanced versions of these AC units. A lot of stylish HVAC technology units are accessible in the market and are energy efficient. If you hire our services, we can help you through the buying and installing process.

The mistake you may incur is to hire an HVAC company that just installs AC but doesn’t fix them. It is extremely essential to select an HVAC company that does both. When we set up the AC unit, we offer maintenance, so your air conditioner doesn’t break down. We are not just reliable in AC installation. We also offer AC maintenance. Call us now!

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Need an Emergency AC Repair?

Call Us at (954) 692-4551 or Schedule on On-Site Appointment in Minutes Online

Top-Tech AC & Refrigeration is now offering maintenance contracts for AC service repair & installation, saving you hundreds of dollars on costly repairs per incident. Contact us now to learn more about our AC Repair & Maintenance service agreements.

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