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Commercial & New Construction A/C Installation

Top-Tech Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Inc has a proven record of excellence in installing and managing the HVAC/R equipment in multiple building and construction projects in South Florida. No matter the size of your project, the experienced professionals at Top-Tech Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Inc will plan, design, construct, and maintain your project in A/C repair Heating ,Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

Top Tech Commercial AC

For new construction projects, the proper installation of a cooling and heating system is necessary. Of equal importance for the owner of the property or the contractor building the project is finding a reliable company to put up the HVAC system to ensure the comfort of everyone who will live, work, and play under one roof.

If the project is located in the South Florida area, Top Tech AC & Refrigeration is only a short call away for new construction HVAC installation. As a premier top full-service HVAC contractor, Top Tech AC has years of experience in the air conditioning and heating industry, providing new construction AC services as well as AC repair and refrigeration.

Commercial & New Construction Refrigeration Installation

Being an owner of a retail grocery or restaurant, you possibly understand the importance of commercial refrigeration to your business. Your commercial refrigeration equipment will include any built-in or freestanding units that provide cool storage for all those perishable goods that you might be selling. Commercial refrigeration involves freezers and refrigerators that are available in different variety of configurations that include walk-ins, commercial refrigeration display cases, and reach-ins.

Commercial AC Service

Proper installation and maintenance of your commercial refrigeration walk-in or reach-in help a lot in extending its lifespan and in reducing the operational costs. Regular maintenance would assist you in keeping your commercial refrigeration working properly and in keeping your operational costs down.

In the case of a unit breakdown, you need to get in touch with a company that specializes in commercial refrigeration repair. Your unit has to be fixed as soon as possible or else, your goods will spoil, which means a loss of capital and revenue to your business. Regardless of the condition of your commercial refrigeration unit, whether it is old or new, a good and trusted commercial refrigeration repair and service company like us could offer you the proper and efficient maintenance that your unit needs to keep it running at its best.

If you are currently looking for a dependable service provider, always remember that Top Tech AC Repair is here to assist you in fulfilling your needs. They are a company consisting of well-trained technicians who repair air conditioning units, refrigeration units and a lot more. They are equipped with the state of the art facility and pieces of equipment, and our technicians are proficient in both old and new models of commercial refrigeration units in the market today. If you would like to know more about our service, please do not hesitate to call us.

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Project Experience:

• Education (K-12)
• Hotel / Motel
• House
• Apartments
• Condominiums
• Office Building
• Church / Synagogue
• Retail Store
• Restaurant

• Utilities
• Jail / Prison
• Casinos
• Grocery Stores
• Assisted Living
• Non-Residential
• Fitness Center
• Medical Office
• Residential Building

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Top-Tech AC & Refrigeration is now offering maintenance contracts for AC service repair & installation, saving you hundreds of dollars on costly repairs per incident. Contact us now to learn more about our AC Repair & Maintenance service agreements.

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