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AC Broke After Hours? No Worries, Top Tech is Here

Are you looking for an air conditioning company? If yes, we can help you! Top Tech Air Conditioning and Repair has many years installing, and maintaining AC units around Florida. We can service any AC unit and make it run like new again.

Our technicians are highly qualified in their trade and have upgraded hundreds of units. Also, if you feel that your current air conditioner is not working up to part, we can determine what is wrong with your unit and even save you money in electricity.

At Top Tech, we’re professional AC installers. We specialize in air conditioning service of any brand in the market. Even if we did not install your AC unit, we could help you bring back to life your old unit.

Our Core Values

We will make sure the unit is installed securely with a support underneath and fasten from inside with metal brackets, mounting rails, etc. Also, we will label the unit in order to prevent any movement due to wind and weather conditions.

The day of the service one of our technicians will arrive at your home or business, ready to work. He will service your unit giving you a diagnosis of the problem and explaining the work that has to be done and what parts are needing to be replaced. However, if for some reason your unit cannot be fixed, our technician will suggest purchasing a new one.

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Need an Emergency AC Repair?

Call Us at (954) 692-4551 or Schedule on On-Site Appointment in Minutes Online

Top-Tech AC & Refrigeration is now offering maintenance contracts for AC service repair & installation, saving you hundreds of dollars on costly repairs per incident. Contact us now to learn more about our AC Repair & Maintenance service agreements.

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